Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Crafting at Calico & Ivy

Sunday week ago - (yes it has taken me that long to blog about it :0) - I went to an Easter crafting high tea at Calico & Ivy in Balmain. You may have read in previous posts how much I love that store... love it so much I would happily pay to sit in a comfy couch in the corner and just soak it all in. Anyway...

The gorgeous Kelly Doust of the crafty minx fame was there to host the afternoon with some lovely ideas for Easter crafts we could achieve in the afternoon. We each chose three felt pieces from the Heather Bailey range and some thread... decisions decisions. Then set to work whilst being plied with tea and delicious home baked treats... definitely the nicest way to craft!

Click here to see Kelly's blog post about the afternoon (I couldn't believe that my egg cosy made it to her site!! so exciting) and click here to see Amy of Badskirt's blog post about the afternoon.

Finally here is my afternoon's work.


  1. What a great way to spend an afternoon...I'm a little bit jealous! ;)

  2. Amy,
    It was great - I'm thinking of always drinking tea or coffee with some baked goods whilst I craft!