Friday, October 14, 2011

Felt Garlands

I have become rather intrigued with felt garlands. Last Christmas I sewed together a string of circles from double sided scrapbooking papers to make a lovely twirly Christmas garland - but I have never made them from felt... until now

This is my first one (and I have a few more in the planning stages)
The colours and the design are fairly unimaginative, next time I will create something a little more interesting! - however it has been a good learning experience.

I have never sewn with nylon thread before. It is very slippery - I need to check my machine settings and manual.
The spacing of each flower is a little too close - I could have spaced them out more to get a 'floatier' look.
I need to work out the best way to space them - if I run my machine a few stitches with no material to sew the nylon thread twists and catches easily - maybe if I arrange the flowers on tissue paper and use the tissue to sew through in between the felt pieces?


  1. They are looking great! Would love to know how you did the christmas ones...

  2. Thanks Keera - The for the Christmas ones I simply cut a whole lot of circles in a couple of sizes (approx 2-4cm diameter) of double sided red Christmas paper (I used Scrapbooking card) and sewed them together in a string using the sewing machine. I found this tutorial which might help explain a bit better.