Tuesday, February 1, 2011

School time again

Well, school has started this week which I am happy and sad about. I have been looking forward to having a bit more time to myself during the day - but we all enjoyed the holidays so much it seems sad they have to end. The kids have been happy to go back to school and catch up with friends they haven't seen for a while and I am busy writing plans and thinking of ideas to fill my time!

This year I am going to spend a bit more time here and learn more about blogging including some of the widgets, analytics etc (all a bit baffling right now!)

This is my current work in progress. It is a pattern by Corinne from September House (store or blog) - she has so many beautiful patterns available including some freebies, it was difficult to decide. My stitching does not do it justice.

It is my first ever embroidery project and there is nothing like actually doing something to learn about it.

Two most important things I have learnt so far

1. Make sure you transfer the pattern as carefully and accurately as possible and so it is easy to see (easier than it sounds!!)
2. If you have straight lines make sure they line up with the weave of the fabric. I guess it is important that the pattern is aligned correctly with the fabric anyway - but after sewing the bottom vertical line on this flower I realised my pattern was not straight and had to rinse out the transfer and re-trace - very fiddly and frustrating!!

I'll let you see the finished product when I get there. I'll see how it looks before I decide whether I will post it to her Flicker account!!


  1. Tina, I think this is coming along beautifully and your tips are so helpful too. I hope you will continue to share those and I look forward to seeing your finished embroidery!

  2. Corinne,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog - Now I need to decide which pattern to choose next. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful patterns.